A Wee Introduction To Me, Myself, & I

Good afternoon, fellow kindred spirits!

Honestly, this is all most thrilling & I am so eager to see where the blog will lead, not to mention the lasting friendships I hope will develop over time…

I thought perhaps, for my first post, I would properly introduce myself, for the sake of those of you who haven’t received a letter from me yet, & for the many new readers I know we shall have shortly!

This is me.


This photo was taken on Prince Edward Island, on the beach right across from the White Sands Hotel {now known as the Dalvay By The Sea}.

I was privileged to live but minutes from Green Gables for a few months last year, but my heart has belonged on the East Coast & by the sea for many, many years.

I currently live on the prairies of Saskatchewan {Canada}, but I have also lived in the incredible city of Toronto {Ontario, Canada}.

I’m 22… a lady in waiting… living with my family… working many uninteresting & common jobs…  & really am just an ordinary girl with a very old soul & an over-active imagination, who is obsessed with dreams.

I am the chef behind ~La Kitchenette Souris~… a very avid letter writer… a Royalist…collector of all things words…movie lover…definitely born in the wrong era… always looking for adventure… & budgeting my way through life.

Feel free to stop by my personal blog www.bekahstyle.blogspot.ca & if you are interested in my Prince Edward Island adventures, go down the sidebar just a little ways, click on “It’s In The Past” & look at my dozens of posts from April-May-June-July 2014! I have a good deal of photos of so many things Lucy Maud Montgomery related.

You can also find me on:
~Instagram~ or ~Twitter~ or ~Youtube~

What to expect from me on here: well, honestly, I’m not sure. Perhaps some writings & ramblings… perhaps some craft or snail mail ideas… perhaps a recipe… perhaps some music… perhaps a very Kindred Spirits adventure… perhaps part of a series all of us write a piece of…. I suppose you will just have to wait ‘n’ see! *winks*

♥ Love, Miss Mouse Middleton ♥

P.S. I am very sassy & cheeky, with a dry, sarcastic, naughty sense of humor. I always feel it necessary to warn folks who don’t know me well yet, so they don’t always take me seriously! My maturity level is in the late 30s, but I can have fun & be quite witty. *grins*


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