A Virtual Engagement Party

Please join me in wishing Sarah (sarahhazelwoodforest) the warmest of congratulations upon her engagement!

{We are still waiting for details of how he purposed, dearest. *winks*}

We were chatting on Instagram & wishing we could be together, in person, to throw Sarah a proper party & celebrate, which got me to thinking~ why not celebrate it a little together online?

With that, Sarah, I am throwing you a “Virtual Engagement Party!”

As something of a “Queen of Planning” & a big lover of decorating & doing themes that would be so appropriate for a engagement party for fellow romantic dreamers, I thought I would use this opportunity to do just that, only in a new sort of way.

Welcome to the party~ I do hope you enjoy yourself!

First, we must turn on some music. This would need to be played on an old record player or gramophone, but since I don’t have one, just imagine it is thus, while you listen.

We have donned our very best dress & look every inch the beautiful belles we are.

large (5)

large (3)

large (2)

We arrive in style…

large (6)

Bringing with us, the largest bunch of dreamy, pastel balloons we could find, for the Bride To Be, of course.

large (4)

Before we go any farther, we carefully blind fold Sarah, so she doesn’t see the beautiful surprise before it is right in front of her!

We wander down a bloom lined path & up a few stairs, carefully, so as not to stumble in our high heels!

large (9)

We turn Sarah in the right direction, remove the blind-fold & giggle as she gasps in surprise at the sight before her.

large (1)

What a feast is prepared, both for the eyes & the taste buds!

large (8)

Or perhaps, we might go indoors to prepare a main course of miniature pizzas, because I like an element of “the odd” to be included in each party.

large (12)

Then on with all things delicious & perfect for an Afternoon Tea.

large (10)

large (15)

large (11)

large (13)

large (14)

Perhaps then we will fill a book of wishes & advice & quotes for the Bride-To-Be…


We turn on some more enchanting music, as we frolic about & turn into little girls playing dress up once again.

And of course, there would be a photo shoot, that even the most fairytale-ish of souls would not be able to out-do & the most kindred spirit would find impossible to hold back a quick intake a breath at the sight of…

large (7)


With that, we sigh & say to each other,


Perhaps we will spend the evening with a movie?

I hardly think we have to take a vote on which it shall be & it surely should not be hard to guess either!

With that, I once again wish Sarah a hearty congratulations & I do hope you have enjoy our little party, all of you!


With Love,

♥ Miss Mouse Middleton ♥


5 thoughts on “A Virtual Engagement Party

  1. Don’t mind me girls, but I may or may not have had my eyes water a tad. It’s exactly as I pictured it, Bekah! You just took my breath away!! I literally felt like I was there – this is definitely the next best thing to being there with you girls!! Bravo Bekah and congratulations again to you dear Sarah!! Oh, if only I lived in Seattle I would LOVE to take your photos. How amazing would that be?? Cheers darling!! Can’t wait to hear how he proposed!! Hopefully he had some of your squirrel and mice friends help with the whole plan. 🙂


  2. Hi there! I was invited by Bekah to read this blog – and it’s just adorable! And the virtual party? Beyond words. Which is saying something, because I’m a blogger & writer. 😉 I felt like I had peeked in and attended! Thanks for that glimpse of beauty!

    And Sarah, your drawings and paintings are absolutely charming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so whimsical. Beatrix Potter came close but hers look a bit ‘rougher’ and not so bright and fresh as yours. I’m in love with them! 🙂


  3. Oh Bekah you threw the best engagement party ever!!! Congratulations Sarah!!!! I am so excited for your future life with your man 💗 I was really able to imagine we all were there having the grandest of times as we celebrate you!!!


  4. Miss Mouse, my dear you have truly made my day and touched my heart. Yes Nikki I too started to get teary-eyed. Bekah you are amazing! I can’t believe how spot-on it is with what my dream shower would be like! I love you all so much! It is crazy to think that we are all over the globe and can seem so close. I felt like I was there with all of you during this virtual engagement party. The music was the perfect touch and wrapped me up in a big warm hug as I looked at all the gorgeous pictures and sweet dialog you wrote. How can I possibly thank you enough!? Thank you!

    I will leave a post about the proposal, it was very sweet and simple. He had dozens of roses and candles around the apartment and got down on one knee when I walked in the door…very sweet.

    I wish you could take our pictures Nikki! How fun would that be?!

    You are all completely amazing! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo


  5. This little blog is my newest most favorite thing! Like ever! This post was so emotional and well thought out dear Bekah. Those Gothard Sisters are amazing and I’ve had the privilege of seeing them at our local fair. They are adorable (and so talented!) Can’t wait to read all your posts 🙂 I would love to be a part of this blog sometime! Let me know! (The day before I discovered this blog I was fantasizing starting one (no joke).


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