A Sweet Little Outfit Via Chictopia

I stumbled across this pretty little outfit while browsing Chictopia & trying to get my profile all set up!

I knew I had to share it here with everyone.

The fashionista behind this outfit is:

~Sarah Amber 24~

And just so she gets full credit for these photos (I did leave her a comment about sharing here on her post), you can find her blogging at:

~Sweater And A Pen~

Now for the adorable photos that caught my eye…

(they had white frames around them, thus the big spaces between photos in this post)

black-kohls-jeans-light-pink-kohls-sweater-brown-claires-earrings_400 (2)


black-kohls-jeans-light-pink-kohls-sweater-brown-claires-earrings_400 (1)

It does look like a cozy outfit for a cool day!

{Although where I live, you wouldn’t even wanna go out for some quick photos in such little attire, when it’s winter! heehee}


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