Marr Residence Musings

I have been meaning to post these photos & write a little blog post since… wait for it…. May 31st! Goodness, have these photos really sat here for nearly 2 months before I have gotten around to posting them here?

I posted them on my own blog of course, but so many things reminded me of my dear Kindred Spirits Club ladies that I wanted to share a couple of my favorites on here.

They had a fashion display of clothing throughout the ages, on the prairies, and they always serve lemonade & cookies or some sort of refreshments.

I hope one day all you lovely ladies can visit here with me!

This is the entrance to the garden & the front of the old house. The house was one of the first ones to ever be built in Saskatoon!


IMG_8017Of course I loved how the sun was shining through the Union Jack.

IMG_8020It was this shot of the teacups that made me start to think how delightful it would be to share the adventure with my KSC ladies & then decided I would eventually do a blog post about it.


They have a lovely area outdoors… I wonder if they ever allow picnics there?



Back inside, we went upstairs & there is this one adorable little bedroom that reminded me so much of Lucy Maud Montgomery, especially when I saw the shoes!

Also, I did a sort of vintage selfie in the mirror~ everyone keeps asking what I was wearing in the shot. Well I was wearing a polka dotted 1940s style dress with a very “swingy” skirt & lace flats. I have a little fluffy satin clutch, which I am wearing cross-body style & I believe I had a necklace of some kind on too, possibly my London themed one with lots of charms & a bow.




 And there you have it! A little mini tour of the Marr Residence for you! To see all the photos, go ~HERE~ 

I hope to return soon with some pretty afternoon tea photos to share, just because, who doesn’t like looking at gorgeous photos?!


2 thoughts on “Marr Residence Musings

  1. Such a lovely setting, outfit, and post!! I absolutely loved this! And don’t feel bad at all – I still have posts I would like to get up here but you know how it goes: life gets in the way. Aye carumba. Perhaps day will be the day I blog! Cross your fingers!! 🙂 xoxox to all my girlfriends!


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