The Legacy of Journalizing

Dear lovely Kindred Spirits,

It has been awhile since I have posted on our beautiful blog! Yet, I am back and super excited to dive in.

With everything being posted using our lovely hashtags on Instagram, everyone’s own personal blogs and websites, exciting pursuits in photography and writing (congratulations Sarah on the publishing of your book!!!), and with my own personal life — I wanted to encourage all of you (and myself) in the art of recording down what has been happening in each of our lives: to journalize. Now now now, hold on — before your heart does a little yelp and says, “ugh, you mean that thing we keep putting off or never do?” I want to explain what I mean by keeping a journal.

Can you believe that “journaling” is not a word? And according to WordPress, “journalize” is not correctly written either. However, I have done my research and journalize is indeed a word. It is so interesting though how I always say in common conversation the non-proper word “journaling.”

Anyway, this is so beyond the point. Journalizing! Journalizing is the point. And if we are very honest with ourselves, this is a very difficult (or at some point has been very difficult) to keep up with no matter if it is based on our lives, for events, for meetings, making lists, etc. I have even taken classes on the idea of keeping a journal or diary, and even after being fully convinced it is one of the most beautiful ways to cherish something, I still struggle in keeping up.

I see so many of you ladies with absolutely beautiful, creative lives. Some of that (or maybe all of it) is worth remembering because of reasons we do not always understand until later. Maybe you already journal or keep some sort of practice that in your own way cherishes the time passing before you, but even if you do or do not, I still want to somehow encourage you with reasons to lock in time the beauty of your lives and to do so in the easiest possible way — your own very personal method! I may be still considered “a very young person,” but through the classes I have taken, the research I have read, and my own personal experiences I am exited to share with you my thoughts!

Reasons to Journalize:

  • We easily forget — it’s true! Some of us may have an extremely good memory, but I promise that we do not as easily recall a thought or an event that was a year ago, compared to when we recorded it that same day or week of occurrence. As a kid, I had a diary that I wrote in for a very small time, but whatever memories I wrote down then is what I remember the most today.
  •  It is important to see that we in someway have grown — we all go through challenges and knowing that we grow is vital to encouraging us to grow even more. It is very easy to to skip on articulating what is going on with our lives, therefore, we do not see where we are going with an idea, situation, emotion, etc. Also, this can lead us to making the same mistake AGAIN, just because we never took the time to see where we are growing. It is hard to plant or weed in a garden when you never even step foot into the garden itself.
  • Getting those creative juices flowing — you ladies most definitely have creativity! And by even posting and sharing that, you are already journalizing and that is why I am writing this: to encourage us where and how to cherish those ideas, thoughts, events, memories, etc. in a conscience way. Journalizing can be wayyyy more fun and easier than many realize (I’ll get to that in a minute).
  • To be accountable — once a goal or dream is either displayed, written, or verbally expressed it has a higher chance of taking flight than just keeping it in our brains.
  • Words and images create ideas and ideas change the world — unless we take the time to jot down or capture that idea we can easily forget, not recognize, not build, or be unaccountable to that idea: this brings together the first four points. Everyone can impact the world one idea at a time. And that is what I have been seeing in you ladies — the creative power to do just that; in your own way, with your own dreams, by your own ideas.

Now, before I jump into ways I have personally experimented and still keep in habit with, I want to explain or remind you that journalizing is not just writing down words in a blank book about oneself. False!!!!! Yes, it can be exactly that (and that is what I personally like to do) but not all journals are formatted to that, especially in this day and age. Heck, it doesn’t even have to have words or be in a blank book! Maybe just pictures, drawings, collected materials, earthly finds, receipts — being put in a box, on a wall, as a collage in your computer or on your wall, made into a blanket. You name it! This is what is so beautiful about journalizing — you custom create it to your own beautiful self in what way you see is necessary to write or collect into a “journal.” The point I guess I am trying to make is that everyone has something they should cherish for remembrance sake, but it does not have to be done on the same subject or with the same objects as the other person.

Also, this should not be a stressful thing! It should not bring anxiety when you do not keep up with your journalizing. If it does, stop. Try something different. And who said we had to do it daily or even weekly? For me personally, I do try to journal every few days because I write about the details in my life, but each of us are different. You may not even be focused on life details, instead you see it as more profitable to paste napkins from all the different places you have eaten from in a folder. That is still journalizing! Yes, these things take habits but it never should be just about getting that journal done — it is the reason of why you journal. That is what is important.

Okay, so I have kept a “journal” in quite a few ways. You could say Instagram is one of my favorites. Before I had social media, I use to even just make notes in my calendar for a long time about events, lists, accomplishments, ideas, goals, and dreams. Today, though, I have found that I like to write and to “talk” about my life in blank book or notepad and add in the events, lists, accomplishments, ideas goals, and dreams; mostly because I need to encourage myself by looking at how far I have come with all the hard things I have gone through. Also, I have noticed how much more creative I am when I write — writing about anything! Another thing I do is photo copy what I write to people, while matching up the letters I receive with those copies. It is like the most exciting thing to keep on record the beauty of pen-palling because it always has challenged me in the best way to grow in creativity (To all my pen-pals reading this — you have no idea how much you impact me through each letter and card. It is something I will keep the rest of my life).

This is my where I write about life in general. I add small things to tape in from time to time to help me remember memories.
This plain journal is where I write about life in general. I loved getting it completely blank, because it forces me to add my own touch while also feeling like I do not have to have “everything together” to write about my life. I add small things to tape in from time to time to help me remember memories.
I got this one for my birthday this year and so far I have been using it to write down my finished poems. Next to this leather beauty is my new desert baby! Succulent plants are the best.
Say hello to my very varied journals! Some are for trips, goals and dreams, LA experiences on set, world changing ideas, book reviews, prayers, etc.
I found this one the other day — it was a collage from  magazines my friends and I collected to put together for beauty tips. I use to be a big fan of make up in high school. I now hardly wear any these days, but it is fun to have because each of the clippings has a memory with it.
These are my character building journals I have collected over the years and still use or go back to. The journals on the bottom are the ones my church put together — they have helped me grow so much!
The little guy, on the left,  goes with me anywhere. I use it for jotting down thoughts, ideas, reminders, etc. And the Cheshire Cat holds my notes for my blog — Mornings With Alice. I don’t post very often there, because it is more of a huge summary of all my journals and what I have been learning in life. Although, I will be posting a new post very soon!
This is my journal from 2013-2014. It was through this journal I really began to see the real me, to dream big, learn that hard times can become positive, and that I am never alone. Just like the cover, I have lots of little treasures that are taped and glued on the inside and back cover.

Journals can leave a legacy. Maybe we do not think we have much to contribute, but we do! These were lies I use to tell myself — not good enough, invaluable, never going to make a difference, not a world changer — and believing them is the most dangerous thing I could ever do. It was lies like this that brought me to almost commit suicide in junior high, but all glory to God I am no longer dealing with severe depression. Yet, I still am in a habit of telling myself lies at times. It happens! So for a change, lets tell ourselves some truths: You are creative and beautiful. Each one of you. We can do this ladies, we can leave a legacy! How? By using journalizing in our own unique way to grow us into that legacy — putting the time to remember where we started, growing into who we are individually, creating that uniqueness about us, making ourselves accountable to doing our dreams and goals (“Just do it!”), and building those remarkable ideas that will change the world! It starts with one person at a time. If you can influence one person, including yourself, you are a world changer.

Please please please, share with me your journalizing habits and ideas! I would love to collaborate and learn from you ladies!!!!

~ Christiana


8 thoughts on “The Legacy of Journalizing

  1. Such a wonderful post, I feel so uplifted after reading it and I just wanna grab my journal and get creative straight away! I always enjoy flipping through old journals and diaries to see how far I come, it’s so nice when I’m reminded of small things that made me happy many years ago. I’ve been spending a couple of hours every other day to journal whilst my little sisters draw and colour, I love seeing them being creative. It’s also why I started my blog, to document the changes I go through and to record every thought I have. Such a beautiful post and so eloquently written, hope you’re having the most wonderful day!!

    -Nabeela x


  2. I couldn’t agree more! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my diaries and have kept one pretty steadily since the age of 5. I have a whole box full of them. 🙂 I’m completely devoted to it and I can tell when I haven’t written enough because my mind starts to feel too full and I get a little moody. 🙂 A pot of tea and my diary are legit my sanity. I would love to start a gardening journal and fill it will watercolor illustrations and photos…Paul and I have become so fond of gardening this past year and I really want to start documenting it as much as I can. Perhaps that will be a little project on the side soon. 😀


  3. Awww, loved this post since as you know, I journal as well, in many various ways & styles!
    I have my regular journal for writing only. Then my “journal for a certain someone”. And then my Anti Journal. As well as my Smashbooks & scrapbooks. And snailmail is a type of journal, as is blogging! 🙂


  4. okay, here goes my third attempt at leaving a comment!! -I’m impressed that you are so dedicated to your writing craft! I usually only write extensively in my “sad” journal! I’m able to get out all my emotions and than I end with a “thankful” list. It is very therapeutic and I would recommend it!


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