A Cottage of Our Own

terie-rawn-2I saw this on Facebook and immediately thought of you girls.

Have any of you ever read Mandy By Julie Edwards (Andrews)? It reminded me of that little love when she found her secret cottage and how she just yearned for some kindred spirits.

(More photos and the source of this one) >>> http://www.finegardening.com/fairy-tale-cottage-woods

I kind of feel like this blog can be our secret cottage – a place where we share in kindred spirits delights, our dreams, goals, etc. 🙂

Anyways, it made me think of you and it also made me want to stop in and just say “hi” to you girls. 🙂 Love you girls! xoxo


5 thoughts on “A Cottage of Our Own

  1. Oh Nikki this is so lovely!!!! Loving the minty colors. I have not read anything yet by her, I’ll have to change that 🙂 And yessssss I definitely feel like that is the perfect analogy for our blog — our secret cottage. 💗


      1. I read this book years ago and I’m so glad you reminded me of it! Seriously, I love all the book recommendations/reviews here; because I already love them or know that I will love them!


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