“Laura’s Tea Room” : A Blog Review

A dear pen-pal of mine who I feel a great bond with, writes a lovely little blog about tea.


large (1)Whether you are looking for a hot tea or a cold tea, this is where you should go for reviews on all kinds of products.

large (2)I find after reading her posts, I suddenly want to go out & buy 100 different types of teas, even ones I have no interest in ever drinking. HAHA!

large (4)She works so hard on her posts & seeing as one of our blogs main themes is “tea”, I thought I’d send a few more visitors her way.

large (5)She also is on Twitter, tweeting away about her various tea adventures, so if you happen to be a tweeter, I’m sure she would love a follow:

~Laura: teawriter79 ~

largeP.S. These photos are not taken by her or myself. Rather they are just lovely images I have happened upon while exploring ~We Heart It~ & thought they would be perfect to share here.


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