A Party for Sarah

I know Sarah’s book, A Party for Pepper, was published a little while ago now, but I finally ordered a copy and just received it this weekend. Therefore, a little party was in order.

It has been now over a half a year since I found Sarah through Instagram. It all happened when I posted a photo of my childhood teddy bear, Russ Bear, reading his mini Peter Rabbit book collection, which I had added with the hashtag #beatrixpotter. Through that hashtag she found my photo and liked it. Then I viewed her profile and fell instantly in love with her art work and beautiful style. We began commenting on each others photos, which led to a conversation (like a million comments) about are interests and what we do with creativity. It did not take long for us to realize we were kindred spirits.

Then this led me to meet Nikki, which then has accumulated to me meeting all of you lovely ladies now apart of the Kindred Spirits’ Club through Instagram and our blog!

Sarah, everyday you inspire me to follow my dreams, to be creative in my own original way, and to enjoy the small things. So here is a capture of the small party I was indeed able to throw for you, as Russ Bear and I celebrated the publication of your lovely book!

Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset

To start this party, we had tea time on a picnic blanket inside because it is dreadfully hot outside and we have a summer cold. We got out Russ Bear’s Beatrix Potter mini-book set, Anne of Green Gables (of course), and our new addition, A Party for Pepper. I can proudly say we tried your “pink” tea recipe and love it immensely! It has become an instant favorite. Also, as you can see, Russ Bear is holding your lovely wood painting. I will cherish it forever, dear friend.

This allowed me to sit for a moment to realize how far we have all come in our own journeys. It has been less than a year, but each of us I do believe have been able to see each other grow more confident in our individual lives, as we continue to keep creating what is dear to our hearts.

Anyway, this is but a small little party, but I hope you know that we truly are grateful for you living your dream, Sarah, because it encourages us to keep pursuing and living ours.

Again, congratulations dearest Sarah!!!

~ Christiana


5 thoughts on “A Party for Sarah

  1. Omigoodness this makes me so happy!! Seriously, this is why I love you girls – how lucky are we that we have such supportive, kind, and generous friends that, for the most part, we haven’t even physically met?! I’m always inspired by you girls and so, so, proud of you, Sarah, with your new book! It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to share it on my blog too! Love you girls!! Xoxo


    1. I am so blessed by our group too!! It is always so wonderful to hold something that was created by friends I have only met through a a digital screen ❤ Kindred spirits are just the absolute best!!!


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