Summer’s End

Simply Lovely Styled Photography; Anne of Green Gables

I’ve been meaning to come visit here more often -Kindred Spirits Club- and now that a new Season is upon us I hope I will make it a routine! I do so love it here with you lovely ladies!

I have already been contemplating Fall and all it’s simple, but glorious, treasures. I love the Seasons and I believe there is “…a time for every Season.”

Today, I’m celebrating Summer’s End; bittersweetness indeed!

This Summer was a big one for me as I planned several deluxe styled shoots and my photography went from amateur to professional. I’m glad I pushed myself and it was a delightful Season with many gorgeous photos to show for it.Simply Lovely Styled Photography

However, I find myself burnt out and have been pondering what my next Season of Creativity needs to look like. I am more of an introvert and gain energy for life from quiet time, walks and one-on-one get-togethers rather than large groups.

Simply Lovely Styled Photography

My next Season of Creativity needs to be Integrated with my everyday, real life. I need to Connect with my family and friends. I want to embrace the WILD of Fall. and those are my words for Fall 2015: Integrate. Connect. Wild.

Simply Lovely Styled Photography

Dreamin: -This Summer I felt that “pieces of the puzzle” were coming together for my book; Country Cottage Living; ABC’s of Summer. I collected all my photos needed and notes and began Graphic Design (just last week!). I soon realized after a couple days that this project was going to require a LOT of concentration and quiet time on the computer. I still want to do it but I think I’m postponing this project. I do not want to spend all my days on the computer. -Sometimes Dreams change. -Sometimes we change.

Dream Garden Woodworks Rustic Table

My husband built me this outdoor rustic table this Summer. I’m completely loving it and hope to use if for a variety of occasions; including more Kindred Creatives Gatherings/Workshops. (Someday, perhaps you all will join me here. We will talk of “Anne” and “Beatrix” and collaborate and drink TEA!

wildflowers foraged bouquet

and so, Goodbye Summer 2015. You have been good to me; you have taught me, you stirred in me new desires and new dreams. Hello Fall 2015! What is your theme word(s) for Fall?

(above, Sarah @hazelwoodforest, holding a bouquet of wildflowers I foraged on a nearby country road)


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