To Dear Kindred Spirit Friends,

Hello, my dear Kindred Spirit friends.

Sorry lovely ladies for my lateness on my introduction.

So a little about me.

My name is Natalie, I am 33 years old.  I met my soulmate in high school and been together since. We have a little Jack Russell Terrier, Gracie.


Here we are on holiday at a beautiful Queensland island. We love to try and discover each corner of Australia when we can.


Soon after Hubby and I married, we bought our house and we got Gracie.

We love to take Gracie for walkies and on days out on the weekends, we sometimes take a drive out to the countryside and love to enjoy lunch and a cup of tea.


As a fellow Kindred Spirit, I love all things romantic, vintage, books, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen and Beatrix Potter.  I am an old soul who loves a slower pace, the countryside, baking, high tea, letters, being with nature, birds singing, flowers and Tea, Tea, and more Tea 🙂


Here are some more of my favorite things;

IMG_3086Here we are in Hobbiton, at Bilbo’s house, our first time in New Zealand, such a special part of the world. I know Christiana that you will be going there soon and you will fall in love.

I have just recently completed my Aromatherapy studies which I am excited to start my business. I would also love to work with Dogs and help them to be re-homed into a loving forever home. I am passionate about animals and would love to help animals in need.


Thank you to my lovely Kindred Spirit Friends across the world, I am so happy that we have each other and look forward to all our friendships and one day meeting you all would be magical.


6 thoughts on “To Dear Kindred Spirit Friends,

  1. Oh dear girl, I love this!! I have so enjoyed getting to know you through this post (you and your husband are just adorable and your puppy!! So sweet!! :)). I’m so jealous you got to go to Hobbiton!! Yes, Christiana, that’s like your dream! 🙂 I love how passionate you are about animals – I do wish they could talk to us, don’t you?? Like Cinderella and the mice. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more about you, lovely!! xoxo


  2. Thank you lovely. Love seeing all your pics of your little Rusty, so sweet. Yes, I wish they could talk to us, but they can in their own way 😉
    Hobbiton is as amazing and magical in real life than how we see it in the movies. You must go one day 🙂
    I look forward to reading more as well xxxx


  3. Ahhh it is so wonderful you are one of the authors of our blog and I am so excited that you are an “old soul” as well 🙂 And yessssss I cannot wait to go to Hobbiton and visit Bilbo’s lovely home, so joyful that I know someone who has been!! ❤ Again, congratulations on completing your studies and am so excited for your soon to be business!!!


  4. Thank you lovely, I am excited to be as well 🙂 Oh you will love it! I even have a little souvenir from Hobbiton. The tour guide saw that some of the fake leaves had blown off the tree above Bilbo’s house and gave them out and I managed to get one, I have it together in my photo album 🙂
    Thank you for the congrats. I will have to tell you all about my set-up in my letter xx


  5. Thank you lovely 🙂 I hope you are feeling better and I am putting together your letter and some pretty things for you as a birthday pressie xx


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