Get Well Soon!

For all my dear friends…

feeling under the weather…and/or

recovering from surgery…rest, heal and wait patiently. This, too, shall pass.

Until then, add to your life only the essentials: Cozy Pillows,cozy homemade pillows

(A.B. Photography)

Read lots of good books…

Andrea Michelle Photography

(A.M. Photography)

Cozy up with your loved ones with lots of blankets!

sunrise coffee; LanaJenae Photography

(L.J. Photography)

Drink lots of warm drinks…

sunrise coffee LanaJenae Photography

(L.J. Photography)

Laugh…if you have to start by fake laughing (this will make you laugh; haha!!)

big smile; Simply Lovely Styled Photography

“God bless the days that are coming for you my dear.” L.M. Montgomery

Lana Jenae Photography

(L.J. Photography)

Watch the Sunset…

skyline; Simply Lovely Photography

Sunset; Country Cottage Living


Annetta Bosakova Photography

and Veggies!

veggie garden basket; LanaJenae Photography

(L.J. Photography)

HOPE for Spring. This Season will Pass. “That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more Springs.” L.M. Montgomery

spring garden; Lana Jenae Photography

(L.J. Photography)

Imagine all the delightful picnics and outings you will have when you are better! Remember, “It’s really a beautiful world.” -L.M. Montgomery

picnic; Andrea Michelle Photography

(A.M. Photography)

Play with flowers while drinking tea and eating homemade cookies 🙂

hot coffee; Simply Lovely Photography

Watch the rain. Try to think…”Nothing but beautiful thoughts.” -L.M. Montgomery

rainy window; Simply Lovely Photography

Put a blanket around your shoulder and go outside. You will believe and live again…”Life is Golden & splendidly rainbowed.” L.M. Montgomery

Simply Lovely Styled Photography

Eat up; your strength will return. (or drink your smoothie!) Enjoy Pumpkin in EVERYTHING -LOL! (like these Pumpkin Pancakes).

pumpkin pancakes; country cottage living

“It will come sometime. Some beautiful morning she will just wake up and find it is Tomorrow. Not Today but Tomorrow. And then things will happen … wonderful things.” -L.M. Montgomery

“Never feel alone…I’ll always be with you…

you’ll always have a home inside of me.”

(a couple of the song lyrics in the music video; so sweet)

All photography my own except when noted: Andrea Michelle PhotographyAnnnetta Bosakova PhotographyLana Jenae Photography

Prayers for all my friends not feeling well today; You are not alone.


Country Cottage Living



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