In Honour Of Our Dear Maud

Happy 141th birthday to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the beloved author who wrote “Anne of Green Gables” & has been our inspiration for The Kindred Spirits Club.

I wasn’t sure if any of the other ladies would be posting here today, so I thought I would, and that I would do a little reminiscing of my time spent on Prince Edward Island.

As y’all know, I toured around the whole island & visited all of the spots Maud was known to frequent. Here are a few snaps from all of those places…

Let’s start off with the White Sands, presently known as the Dalvay By The Sea. But to those of us who watch Road To Avonlea, it will forever remain the White Sands.


Then onto the next most iconic place connected with Maud.

Green Gables.


Wandering down through the Haunted Woods & over to where a tiny cabin used to stand…


On this foundation, stood the home Maud was living in when she wrote Anne of Green Gables. If I recall right, the window was over near the right & she would sit at her little desk & write.


A short little stroll from this location, sits the Green Gables Post Office, where Maud would go to post off her letters & stories.


Just a block away, is where Maud & her husband now rest.

This is her grave & as you can see, it is not fancy, but shows that a very important lady rests there.



Quite a long drive away is the Bidefield Parsonage, which is where Maud lived while teaching school just down that street.

It is a charming house & the ladies who look after it now do an excellent job.


Upstairs in the parsonage, you will find Maud’s charming room…


And also her desk, where she would sit & write.

The view out the window is lovely!


In still another tiny hamlet, is this little house of great importance, because Maud was born here!


And this is the tiny upstairs room in which she was born.


Along the Green Gables Shoreline, sits this big old farmhouse.

Maud spent many happy days at this home, with her cousins/family.

Also of great importance, this is the home she & the Reverend M were married in!


Upstairs, you will find a large room, the one that Maud stayed in while visiting her family.


This is the parlor, where I got to stand on the very spot Maud said her wedding vows… right in front of the fireplace.


Just a short walk away from the old farmhouse, is this beautiful view & where Maud loved to take her strolls.

What a view!


Well I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of all Maud’s haunts!

Happy Birthday to such a wonderful author! β™₯


5 thoughts on “In Honour Of Our Dear Maud

  1. This is absolutely LOVELY!! I feel like I was there – such a beautiful place. I really hope someday I can make it there and see all these beautiful places for myself! Thanks so much for putting this up – what a wonderful woman she was (and still is, for those who still feel her kindred spirit around ;)). Cheers to us, the girls of Maud!! πŸ™‚ xoxo


  2. This is wonderful Bekah!!! Thank you so much for putting these pictures and details together for us, absolutely fantastic! Such a great tribute to the woman who touched many people dearly, including our own. πŸ’—


  3. Thank you Bekah for the lovely post, celebrating Maud. It really made me feel like I was there while I read all your discoveries, such a beautiful part of the world and wonderful tribute to Maud πŸ™‚


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