Let’s Chat About Adult Coloring

I have been promising this post forever & I have actually had the photos taken & edited for well over a month now…

So here at last to share about this topic because it is a huge creative trend right now, sweeping through the paper crafters world.

Almost everyone I know is jumping on the bandwagon & so many awesome coloring books are being printed, not to mention the artists are putting free printables online! Makes me wish I had a printer at home!

I was sent a gorgeous coloring book called “Victoriana” & several friends have sent me pages. I have printed a few off at the library as well.

I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the pages I have done & also the Smashbook page I did about this new hobby.

I normally use pencil crayons as they last a lot longer than makers, but for the pages with a lot of fine detail, I have started using markers just recently.










Pointing out that these adorable bunnie & birdie drawings were done by our very own Sarah from Hazelwood Forest!

When she sent free printables, I made sure to print off a couple copies & they will be making it into my smashbook one day!


One of the newspapers had a coloring contest which I did just for the fun of it…. thought I might as well include that here too.


Here is the Smashbook page I did around coloring. The pages came from my penpals & turned out so colorful & bright I wanted to tuck them into the book. Also coloring has become a big part of my year & since this particular smashbook is detailing 2015, I figured, coloring should be included. *smiles*



These cat pages (part of the Smashbook page above) had so much detail I ended up doing them in marker… I took a close up photo so that you could see just how many little areas there were. Took me hours & hours to do each one! So much fun!



Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing my coloring experience & I would love to see the rest of you ladies share your’s, if you are getting into this whole coloring trend as well!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Chat About Adult Coloring

  1. Wow Bekah! So beautiful, loved seeing all your colouring creations, loved the Victorian book, will have to look into one as well. I will post mine as well as a Christmas entry, I will take some piccies on the weekend and post 🙂


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