For the Love of Anne…

8B3C1121-732E-4AD5-8BAF-20956DCDF605(Above) “For the Love of Anne” is currently featured in the Somerset Life Magazine Winter 2016 Issue. I was blessed to have 3 amazing ladies to be “Anne(s)” in this ‘Inspired by Anne of Green Gables’ Styled shoot! In my neck of the woods, the magazine can be found at Barnes n Noble and maybe Costco. For more information or to order a copy, go here:

I know many of you ladies have seen most of the photos on my blog or on IG (@melaniebeilner) but I decided to share more of the “out-takes” here today (they are still good!)

These 3 (now) 16 year olds are busy young ladies with school and jobs but someday I hope to get them back together again for another shoot. They all were so cute and sweet together! Josie, Emilie and Brielle.



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