About The Ladies


Welcome to the Kindred Spirits Club & our little corner of the online world!

We are 7 girls from various locations in the world, who met through Instagram & began friendships that we hope will last the rest of our lives. Below you will find a little more about each of us .

We started this blog so we could share our love of all things vintage, romantic, dreamy, creative, & old-fashioned with each other, and hopefully other readers as well.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit & will return often!

{ Founders & Club Leaders }

♥ Sarah (sarahhazelwood)

Instagram: @ hazelwoodforest

♥ Nikki (Nikki)

Instagram: @ nikkitran1015

“I am a wedding photographer, a Photoshop addict, and a creative old soul who loves tea, gardens, books, watercolors, kindred spirits, & exploring lovely things.”

♥ Bekah (missmousemiddleton)

“I am an old soul who lives on the prairies but dreams of being by the sea. I love writing letters, paper crafting, reading, blogging, traveling, & baking. I am definitely a romantic dreamer, and people often describe me as ‘sweet & lively’.”

Instagram: @ missmousemiddleton

♥ Christiana (morningswithalice)

“I am a college student majoring in history, while working part-time as a background actress in LA; a wild dreamer who will strike up conversation with you on any subject you wish — animals, books, nature, food, movies, history, writing, health, politics, art, and eternity are a few of my favorite.”

Instagram: @ morningswithalice

♥ Naoma (naomasgarden)

Instagram: @ glueckspilz.blog

{ Authors }

♥ Melanie (ccliving) 

“I love all things ‘Anne’ and am thankful to have met such kind Kindred Spirits here! I am a Wife, Mom, Homemaker, ‘Creative’ currently obsessed with Styled Photography.”

Instagram: @ melaniebeilner

♥ Natalie (naturenat17) 

“I am an Aromatherapist living in the city, dreaming of one day living in the countryside on a farm with some animals. I love to be creative, write letters, books, nature, animals, flowers, watching period films, drink tea, and all things vintage & pretty.”

Instagram: @ chiquita176


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