Afternoon Tea

Melanie recently posted a gorgeous styled tea shoot & she reminded me how much I love to photograph my tea…

Since this special tea bag came from Christiana, one of the other lovely authors on this blog, I knew it was the perfect one to style.

The letter just happened to arrive on the right week & the books are antiques~ one is from 1902 & the other is from 1903!









I hope you have enjoyed my mini styled shoot.

The tea was delicious, C, thank you SO much! ♥


Let’s Chat About Adult Coloring

I have been promising this post forever & I have actually had the photos taken & edited for well over a month now…

So here at last to share about this topic because it is a huge creative trend right now, sweeping through the paper crafters world.

Almost everyone I know is jumping on the bandwagon & so many awesome coloring books are being printed, not to mention the artists are putting free printables online! Makes me wish I had a printer at home!

I was sent a gorgeous coloring book called “Victoriana” & several friends have sent me pages. I have printed a few off at the library as well.

I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the pages I have done & also the Smashbook page I did about this new hobby.

I normally use pencil crayons as they last a lot longer than makers, but for the pages with a lot of fine detail, I have started using markers just recently.










Pointing out that these adorable bunnie & birdie drawings were done by our very own Sarah from Hazelwood Forest!

When she sent free printables, I made sure to print off a couple copies & they will be making it into my smashbook one day!


One of the newspapers had a coloring contest which I did just for the fun of it…. thought I might as well include that here too.


Here is the Smashbook page I did around coloring. The pages came from my penpals & turned out so colorful & bright I wanted to tuck them into the book. Also coloring has become a big part of my year & since this particular smashbook is detailing 2015, I figured, coloring should be included. *smiles*



These cat pages (part of the Smashbook page above) had so much detail I ended up doing them in marker… I took a close up photo so that you could see just how many little areas there were. Took me hours & hours to do each one! So much fun!



Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing my coloring experience & I would love to see the rest of you ladies share your’s, if you are getting into this whole coloring trend as well!

In Honour Of Our Dear Maud

Happy 141th birthday to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the beloved author who wrote “Anne of Green Gables” & has been our inspiration for The Kindred Spirits Club.

I wasn’t sure if any of the other ladies would be posting here today, so I thought I would, and that I would do a little reminiscing of my time spent on Prince Edward Island.

As y’all know, I toured around the whole island & visited all of the spots Maud was known to frequent. Here are a few snaps from all of those places…

Let’s start off with the White Sands, presently known as the Dalvay By The Sea. But to those of us who watch Road To Avonlea, it will forever remain the White Sands.


Then onto the next most iconic place connected with Maud.

Green Gables.


Wandering down through the Haunted Woods & over to where a tiny cabin used to stand…


On this foundation, stood the home Maud was living in when she wrote Anne of Green Gables. If I recall right, the window was over near the right & she would sit at her little desk & write.


A short little stroll from this location, sits the Green Gables Post Office, where Maud would go to post off her letters & stories.


Just a block away, is where Maud & her husband now rest.

This is her grave & as you can see, it is not fancy, but shows that a very important lady rests there.



Quite a long drive away is the Bidefield Parsonage, which is where Maud lived while teaching school just down that street.

It is a charming house & the ladies who look after it now do an excellent job.


Upstairs in the parsonage, you will find Maud’s charming room…


And also her desk, where she would sit & write.

The view out the window is lovely!


In still another tiny hamlet, is this little house of great importance, because Maud was born here!


And this is the tiny upstairs room in which she was born.


Along the Green Gables Shoreline, sits this big old farmhouse.

Maud spent many happy days at this home, with her cousins/family.

Also of great importance, this is the home she & the Reverend M were married in!


Upstairs, you will find a large room, the one that Maud stayed in while visiting her family.


This is the parlor, where I got to stand on the very spot Maud said her wedding vows… right in front of the fireplace.


Just a short walk away from the old farmhouse, is this beautiful view & where Maud loved to take her strolls.

What a view!


Well I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of all Maud’s haunts!

Happy Birthday to such a wonderful author! ♥

Anne Of Green Gables Fashion From “The Dreamstress”

Hello everyone!

It has been way too long since any of us have posted. My oh my. Considering how many authors this blog has, you would think we would be more regular at posting! Haha!

Today I just wanted to share with you this crafty lady’s website, “The Dreamstress”, where she makes the most wonderful, historical clothing creations! 

For example. she recently shared two Anne of Green Gables related outfit shoots I knew y’all would want to see!

First, was this amazing shoot:



And then she shared this post about Marillia’s Blouse:


If you love history & fashion, you will want to be sure to subscribe to her blog feed as they are so cheeky & joyful & full of creative tidbits for those who love to sew.

A Anne Of Green Gables Themed Wedding

Just had to do a second post here today when I came across this stashed away in some of my email folders! It is just the most absolutely perfect thing ever!

First of all, the link to the page & website it was posted on is this:

~Anne of Green Gables Wedding Inspiration:  Tidewater & Tull~

Please go look at their amazing site & ideas & just general loveliness. I hope they don’t mind me reposting the photos here, but of course full credit goes to the photographers, designers, editors, etc. I am so so so impressed by their work & I now frequent the site!

I did see several of these photos on We Heart It so I’m not sure who uploaded them onto there…but apparently I am not the only one who thinks these are flawless!






anne-of-green-gables-wedding-ideas-00007 (1)













Isn’t it just delightful?!?!

A Tea Party Picnic

I meant to share this weeks ago, I just keep forgetting that I now have 2 blogs I can share things on! I share everything on my personal blog & have been doing a lot of travel blogging on it, so I was feeling like a real proper blog author… then I remember this blog. *heehee*

So here I am! Ready to share some pictures from the Tea Party Picnic I took my Mom on.

It was windy. The sun made it almost impossible to get good shots. And it was difficult to keep napkins from flying away or cupcakes melting. All in all, it looks a lot more romantic than it was. At least next time, I have an idea of what to bring, what not to bring, and what sort of weather to watch for!

The castle like building in the background is the Delta Bessborough Hotel & it has been featured in many of my past photo shoots. The parks around it are gorgeous & the South Saskatchewan River runs through the city.





I have a few other posts I am working on collecting images for or thoughts as to what to write to go along with images… I hope it won’t be too long before I post, but as some of you know, I have a big 4000+miles-each-way trip out to the east coast, specifically Newfoundland, coming up, along with work, 2 other road trips, and then getting caught up on just the things I do every day… so could be a while!

But the intentions are there! *grins*

“Laura’s Tea Room” : A Blog Review

A dear pen-pal of mine who I feel a great bond with, writes a lovely little blog about tea.

large (1)Whether you are looking for a hot tea or a cold tea, this is where you should go for reviews on all kinds of products.

large (2)I find after reading her posts, I suddenly want to go out & buy 100 different types of teas, even ones I have no interest in ever drinking. HAHA!

large (4)She works so hard on her posts & seeing as one of our blogs main themes is “tea”, I thought I’d send a few more visitors her way.

large (5)She also is on Twitter, tweeting away about her various tea adventures, so if you happen to be a tweeter, I’m sure she would love a follow:

~Laura: teawriter79 ~

largeP.S. These photos are not taken by her or myself. Rather they are just lovely images I have happened upon while exploring ~We Heart It~ & thought they would be perfect to share here.