A sunny day in the park

My dear #kindredspiritsclub friends!

Naoma Clark SelfportraitIMG_5193

For the start I want to apologize that it took me so long to write my first post. Because of my journalism studies posting things and writing articles are part of my daily program and sometimes I am just happy to get away from all that social media and computer stuff and just … be in the moment.

That’s why Iam so very much thankful that we started writing letters to eachother because it is a very beautiful way for me to get away from my computer, go into a cafe or into the park and just enjoy your lovely words. So please don’t wonder, if it seems like I do not write on the blog very often – as I said that is only because I have to write so much on my own blog and for university.

I loved reading all the things about you – and it still fascinates me that long across the ocean somewhere in Germany I am able to get an impression of your lovely lifes. I already told Christiana in a letter: you all inspire me so much that maybe one day I will right a book about the kindredspiritsclub – as writing is my first and forever lasting love. Well … writing in German – English isn’t my mother tongue but I try to make myself understandable as good as I can. Please excuse several grammer mistakes or bad spellings.

Alright lets start – I will tell you a little bit about myself: I’am a journalism student who lives in a very small town called Ansbach which is in the south of Germany (about 200 km from Munich). We have a lovely park here with an adorable little Castle and in the summer I try to be out here as often as I can (you can see it on the pictures I took for you today). I love to listen to the birds, the mumbeling wind and the sound of laughing childreen around me while Iam sitting here learning, reading or writing. It always calms me down from my often quite¬†stressful studies and I’am sure, that you would love it here, too.

Ansbach Park FullSizeRender

I adore vintage like picnics and always imagine us sitting here all together on the green gras, the scent of flowers dancing around our noses, some cake, tea and happy faces chattering about the wonders of our lovely world. I know that one day that might come true and I really cant wait to get to know you all better.

Actually Iam sitting in the Park right now and I just finised Christianas second letter. You will get my answer soon dear!


I love everything creative and can’t help myself from getting exited about so many beautiful things. I’am a very energetic person, always with a smile on my face, singing and dancing around my little apartment. I also do play the piano and Iam composing some piano music since I have started playing (which was about 12 years ago).

Here is a little example of my piano work (Bekah, Dear, I know you also love piano music and Iam sure you will enjoy it, so give it a try): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93cD7-Mz_Os&spfreload=10

I also love writing audiobooks and in the end reading them for my audience Only in German Iam afraid). Furthermore I love drawing and fotographing.

I have a dream that maybe one day I will have a little british cottage in the south of England to create all my magical stuff there.


Of course you will be all invited and we can have some tea and lovely conversations.

Ahhh … what a wonderful thought! However – enough for today ladies, I have to get some work done (well, to be accurate – right now I’am off to bed because it is some hours later and I have to get up early tomorrow).

Wishing you all just the best, wherever you are, whatever you do – just know that Iam sending you all the luck and love in the world from a small town called Ansbach.

xoxo Naoma